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NCL fixes to that were breaking windows 64-bit build through on MinGW g++ 4.2

Below is a zip file with the 3 files (nxsmultiformat.cpp nxsstring.cpp ncl/nxsstring.h) I had to change to make this version of g++ happy with phylobase. I was not able to do a full test as I don't have TeX on that machine. But the build seemed to work. all of the affected files are in pkg/src (or the ncl subdir of that directory).

notes on class exercise on internet resources for systematics

Below is an excessively long summary of our "Introduction to Systematics" class' experience using BioStor as a starting point for exploring the primary literature in biodiversity and the issues associated with internet resources for systematics. Rod Page very kindly helped out by providing feedback on the assignment and adding links for the students on the front page of the wiki associated with biostor - thanks!

python autocompletion to replay file interactively

When teaching python it is helpful to be able to replay a script. The .pythonstartuprc below checks for whether or not PYTHON_REPLAY_FILE is in your env and points to a valid file. If it does, then it creates a readline completer that fills in the next line of the file when you hit <TAB%gt; from a blank line. The object will be in your locals as _completer and you can use _completer.list() to see the sections, and or to jump around in your tutorial (skipped code will NOT be executed).



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