Senior Personnel

mtholder_square150pxMark Holder is an Associate Prof in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at KU. His primary work on this grant centers on modeling character evolution and accounting for ascertainment biases



lieberman-square150pxBruce Lieberman is a Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at KU. He is a paleontologist. He studies macroevolutionary questions, often using Trilobites as his model system.



Tracy Heath is a part-time postdoctoral researcher on the grant, but she had a major role in designing and writing the proposal. Tracy develops Bayesian approaches for estimating divergence times. She will be expanding these methods to include better models of character evolution and to enable fully Bayesian analyses of diversification rates.

Other Personnel

Jordan M. Koch is an undergraduate student working in the Holder lab to develop the algorithms required to correct for ascertainment biases. She works in the Holder lab. Thus far, she has not been funded by this grant; her funding comes from an NIH grant to KU’s Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity