Sorry these are not deployed right now. Please email Mark if you need them

This is the front page for webservices that expose a couple of simple programs that may be of interest to systematists:

  • File conversion to the nexml format is provided here: us2ml/index.
  • More generic conversion file conversion is provided here: converter/index (will return a zipped archive of a directory of output).
  • Simple gap-coding that produces a 0/1 matrix for all of the gap-containing columns in a sequence matrix: gapcode/index.
  • Upload a tree file to produce a new tree file that has a single tree for every split contained in the input file tosplits/index.
  • Upload a tree file to produce a strict consensus merger of the trees scm/index.
  • Tree-to-tree distances that ignore branches under a threshold length censoredrf/index.

These applications are built from the NEXUS Class Library and/or DendroPy. We use the Pylons web framework to create the web pages.

Please report problems to Mark Holder.

If you have a relatively up-to-date version of python on your machine, you can save the simple script found here, change its name from invokews.txt to, and make it executable. Then you can call the webservice from the command line via: gapcode myfile.nex

where the first argument is the name of one of the services and the second argument is the path to your file.

We gratefully acknowledge funding by the National Science Foundation grant (DEB-0732920 to Mark Holder). This site will expand as we expose services that are the product of that grant.

If you are looking for the SATe page, check Jiaye's SATe page. It will soon be available as a web service from this page