building self-contained phycas bundles

Below are instructions for creating (refilling is a more accurate term) our iTerm4Phycas .app bundle for Mac.
The scripts below puts python 2.6.5 , ipython, ncl in the iTerm-based .app bundle.
All phycas dependencies are built for i386.

Updated July, 31, 2010

  1. Download build_phycas_standalone_bundle.sh_.txt
    to a fresh directory and rename it as
  2. Download phycas_standalone_build_env.sh_.txt to the same directory and rename it as
  3. Take a look at the scripts to note how hacky they are
  4. Make sure you have wget and svn
  5. sh
  6. The should be in the subdirectory build that is created by running . That build subdir will also hold the source code used. NCL and phycas are checked out using svn. All other tools are retrieved from snapshots using wget.