Current EEB Research Spring 2011

The course introduces students to research being conducted by members of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department. Each week we will be joined by a guest faculty member from EEB. We will discuss one classic paper in their field, and one recent paper that either comes from their lab or is very closely related to their research focus.

Meeting: Wednesday 4:00-6:00 in 2096 Dole Human Development Center (DHDC - this building is right next to Haworth Hall).

Instructor (office hours by appointment):

Mark Holder 864-5789 6031 Haworth

This is the link to the syllabus.


Date Guest Topic/Links
Jan 26 Overview of the course and general discussion
Feb 02 Snow Day
Feb 09 Lena Hileman Cubas et al. 1999 "An epigenetic mutation responsible for natural variation in floral symmetry" Nature. 401. 157-160.
Preston et al. 2011. "Gradual disintegration of the floral symmetry gene network is implicated in the evolution of a wind-pollination syndrome" PNAS Advanced Access
Feb 16 John Kelly Lande and Arnold. 1983. "The Measurement of Selection on Correlated Characters." Evolution. 37(6). 1210-1226.
Scoville et al. 2009. "Contribution of chromosomal polymorphisms to the G-matrix of Mimulus guttatus." New Phytologist. 183(3). 803-815.
Feb 23 Maria Orive R. R. Hudson. 1990. "Gene genealogies and the coalescent process." Oxford Surveys in Evolutionary Biology. 7: 1-44.
Scott Williamson and Maria Orive 2002. "The Genealogy of a Sequence Subject to Purifying Selection at Multiple Sites." Molecular Biology and Evolution. 19(8). 1376-1384.
Mar 02 Caroline Chaboo Kevin J. Gaston. 1991. "The Magnitude of Global Insect Species Richness". Conservation Biology. 5(3) 283-296.
Colwell et al. 2008. "Global Warming, Elevational Range Shifts, and Lowland Biotic Attrition in the Wet Tropics" Science 322(5899). 258-261.
Mar 09 Mark Holder Joseph Felsenstein. 1985. "Phylogenies and the Comparative Method." American Naturalist 125(1). 1-15.
Lakner et al. 2011. "What's in a Likelihood? Simple Models of Protein Evolution and the Contribution of Structurally Viable Reconstructions to the Likelihood." Systematic Biology Advanced Access
Mar 16 Sharon Billings Miko U. F. Kirschbaum. 1995. "The temperature dependence of soil organic matter decomposition, and the effect of global warming on soil organic C storage." Soil Biology and Biochemistry 27(6).753-760.
J. M. Craine, et al. 2010. "Widespread coupling between the rate and temperature sensitivity of organic matter decay" Nature Geoscience. 3 854–857.
Mar 21 - Mar 27 SPRING BREAK
Mar 30 Kirsten Jensen Holmes, J. C. and W. M. Bethel. 1972. "Modification of intermediate host behaviour by parasites". Zool J. Linn. Soc. 51: Suppl. 1, 123-149. (sent via email).
Jensen, K. and S. A. Bullard. 2010. "Characterization of a diversity of tetraphyllidean and rhinebothriidean cestode larval types, with comments on host associations and life-cycles." International Journal for Parasitology 40(8). 889-910.
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