programming basic assignment

First real assignment for EEB programming

First three programs are due Feb 10 , the last will require concepts that we cover next wednesday.

Write four programs. The first two we did in class together:

1. Write a program that takes a command line argument that is the largest number of taxa to consider. For every positive integer up to that number, the program then prints out the number of attachment points for a new taxon (2n-3 is the formula).

2. Write a program that reads the output of the program that you just wrote and prints the product of those number of attachment points.

3. Write a program that takes a positive integer as an argument. Print out the result of factoring the number into primes. So for 24 you program should produce:
2 2 2 3
2^3 3
or some other logical output. Remember that the % operator returns the remainder if division. So if x % y is 0, then x is a multiple of y.

4. Write a program that reads a sequence (in the sequence.txt file that I have posted) and prints all possible translations into protein sequences. Ignore the possibility of promoters or introns; just produce all of the peptides that start with a start codon (AUG) and are terminated with a stop codon (or run off of the end of the sequence). This requires the use of python dictionaries. Don't worry about this one until next week if we don't make it to dicts on Wednesday