NxsDiscreteStateCell NxsDiscreteDatatypeMapper::StateCodeForStateSet ( const std::set< NxsDiscreteStateCell > &  sset,
const bool  isPolymorphic,
const bool  addToLookup,
const char  symbol 

Returns the state code of a (possible new state set) `sset`.

This may trigger the reallocation of mapping info. nexusSymbol can be '' if there is not a single-character symbol that represents this state set.

if `addToLookup` is false and the state set is not found then NXS_INVALID_STATE_CODE will be returned.

if the stateset is added with a `nexusSymbol` then the new "symbol" will be case-sensitive (this is an mechanism for entering equates and equates are always case sensitive).

New "fundamental" states can NOT be introduced using this function -- if unknown states are encountered, an exception will be generated.

Definition at line 2630 of file nxscharactersblock.cpp.

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