NxsFullTreeDescription Class Reference

A class that encapsulates a newick string description of a tree and metadata about the tree. More...

#include <nxstreesblock.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NxsFullTreeDescription (const std::string &newickStr, const std::string &treeName, int infoFlags)
std::vector< std::string > GetTreeTokens () const
const std::string & GetNewick () const
const std::string & GetName () const
bool IsProcessed () const
void AssertProcessed () const
bool IsRooted () const
bool AllEdgesHaveLengths () const
bool SomeEdgesHaveLengths () const
bool EdgeLengthsAreAllIntegers () const
bool AllTaxaAreIncluded () const
bool HasNHXComments () const
bool HasPolytomies () const
bool HasDegreeTwoNodes () const
int smallestIntEdgeLength () const
double smallestRealEdgeLength () const

Detailed Description

A class that encapsulates a newick string description of a tree and metadata about the tree.

the NxsTreesBlock stores the trees as NxsFullTreeDescription because during its parse and validation of a tree string. By default, NCL will "process" each tree -- converting the taxon labels to numbers for the taxa (the number will be 1 + the taxon index). During this processing, the trees block detects things about the tree such as whether there are branch lengths on the tree, whether there are polytomies...

This data about the tree is then stored in a NxsFullTreeDescription so that the client code can access some information about a tree before it parses the newick string.

If you do not want to parse the newick string yourself, you can construct a NxsSimpleTree object from a NxsFullTreeDescription object if the NxsFullTreeDescription is "processed"

If the NxsTreesBlock is configured NOT to process trees (see NxsTreesBlock::SetProcessAllTreesDuringParse())

Definition at line 383 of file nxstreesblock.h.

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