Introduction to Systematics

BIOL 428: Introduction to Systematics

Spring 2014

The course's blackboard site has the syllabus and readings. This site will be used to distribute free (open) content. We'll put links from the blackboard site to that content. So there is no compelling need for you to check this site on a regular basis. Later in the semester it may be more convenient to check here rather than blackboard because all of the open content will be linked from this single page.

The other reason for posting content here is to make it easier for other people to find.

Jan. 21 lec1slides.pdf
Jan. 23 lec2slides.pdf
Jan 23
Jan 23
Jan 28 lec3slides.pdf
Jan 30 lec4slides.pdf
Feb 6 lec5slides.pdf
Feb 10 lec-6-review-terms.pdf
Feb 13/18 lec7slides.pdf
Feb. 27 lec11slides.pdf
Mar. 6 likelihood-intro.pdf
Mar. 25 midterm-2014-key.pdf
Mar. 25 CalculatingLikelihood.pdf
Mar. 25 likelihood-on-trees.pdf
Assignment 3 assignment3-2014.pdf (Due Tues, Apr 8)
Assignment 4 assignment4-2014.pdf (Due Tues, Apr 15)
Apr. 1 MLAndTreeSearch.pdf
Apr 3. BootstrapDivTime.pdf
Apr 10 classification-nomenclature.pdf
Apr. 24 species.pdf
May 1 coalescent.pdf