void NxsReader::DebugReportBlock ( NxsBlock nexusBlock  )  [virtual]

This function was created for purposes of debugging a new NxsBlock.

This version does nothing; to create an active DebugReportBlock function, override this version in the derived class and call the Report function of `nexusBlock'. This function is called whenever the main NxsReader Execute function encounters the [&spillall] command comment between blocks in the data file. The Execute function goes through all blocks and passes them, in turn, to this DebugReportBlock function so that their contents are displayed. Placing the [&spillall] command comment between different versions of a block allows multiple blocks of the same type to be tested using one long data file. Say you are interested in testing whether the normal, transpose, and interleave format of a matrix can all be read correctly. If you put three versions of the block in the data file one after the other, the second one will wipe out the first, and the third one will wipe out the second, unless you have a way to report on each one before the next one is read. This function provides that ability.

Definition at line 478 of file nxsreader.cpp.

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