void NxsReader::AssignBlockPriority ( NxsBlock b,
int  priorityLevel 

The block `b` will be given a priority level of `priorityLevel`.

By default all blocks have priority level of 0. Lowering a blocks priority level below 0, means that a Get....ByTitle() function will not return the block if it finds a matching block that has a higher priority

If you are re-using blocks (if you are not using the v2.1 API) be aware that if a block has a low (negative) priority, but is then used to read content then its priority will be bumped back up to 0.

The block priority affects calls Get...ByTitle() functions and Find...ByTitle() functions.

This function is mainly used to "demote" NxsTaxaBlock instances so that they will not clash with a TAXA block found in the file. TaxaBlockClashes

Definition at line 1371 of file nxsreader.cpp.

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