NxsTaxaBlockAPI * NxsReader::GetOriginalTaxaBlock ( const NxsTaxaBlockAPI testB  )  const [protected]
a pointer to a previously process NxsTaxaBlock with the same taxon labels. The comparison of labels is case-insensitive and not affected by the ordering of taxa within the block.

TAXA blocks are often repeated in sets of NEXUS files (because a bare TREES block constitutes an illegal NEXUS file, and because NCL spawns implied Taxa blocks if it reads just a Trees block).

If NxsReader::cullIdenticalTaxaBlocks(true) has been called then NxsReader::GetOriginalTaxaBlock will be called as part of determining whether or not a taxa block should be deleted.

: this is a hole in the const-correctness because the caller could (but shouldn't modify the Taxa block).

Definition at line 792 of file nxsreader.cpp.

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