PublicNexusReader Class Reference

A NxsReader that uses clone factories to read public blocks. More...

#include <nxspublicblocks.h>

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Public Types

enum  NexusBlocksToRead { ,

Public Member Functions

 PublicNexusReader (const int blocksToRead=-1, NxsReader::WarningHandlingMode mode=NxsReader::WARNINGS_TO_STDERR)
virtual void Execute (NxsToken &token, bool notifyStartStop=true)
NxsTaxaBlockRegisterTaxa (const std::vector< std::string > &tl)
NxsAssumptionsBlockGetAssumptionsBlockTemplate ()
NxsCharactersBlockGetCharactersBlockTemplate ()
NxsDataBlockGetDataBlockTemplate ()
NxsDistancesBlockGetDistancesBlockTemplate ()
NxsTaxaBlockGetTaxaBlockTemplate ()
NxsTreesBlockGetTreesBlockTemplate ()
NxsUnalignedBlockGetUnalignedBlockTemplate ()
NxsStoreTokensBlockReader * GetUnknownBlockTemplate () const
unsigned GetNumAssumptionsBlocks (const NxsTaxaBlock *taxa) const
unsigned GetNumAssumptionsBlocks (const NxsCharactersBlock *chars) const
unsigned GetNumAssumptionsBlocks (const NxsTreesBlock *trees) const
NxsAssumptionsBlockGetAssumptionsBlock (const NxsTaxaBlock *taxa, unsigned index) const
unsigned GetNumUnknownBlocks () const
NxsStoreTokensBlockReader * GetUnknownBlock (unsigned index) const
unsigned GetNumCharactersBlocks (const NxsTaxaBlock *taxa) const
NxsCharactersBlockGetCharactersBlock (const NxsTaxaBlock *taxa, unsigned index) const
unsigned GetNumDistancesBlocks (const NxsTaxaBlock *taxa) const
NxsDistancesBlockGetDistancesBlock (const NxsTaxaBlock *taxa, unsigned index) const
unsigned GetNumTaxaBlocks () const
NxsTaxaBlockGetTaxaBlock (unsigned index) const
unsigned GetNumTreesBlocks (const NxsTaxaBlock *taxa) const
NxsTreesBlockGetTreesBlock (const NxsTaxaBlock *taxa, unsigned index) const
unsigned GetNumUnalignedBlocks (const NxsTaxaBlock *taxa) const
NxsUnalignedBlockGetUnalignedBlock (const NxsTaxaBlock *taxa, unsigned index) const
virtual void DeleteBlocksFromFactories ()
virtual void ClearUsedBlockList ()
virtual void ClearContent ()
void AddReadAssumptionsBlock (NxsAssumptionsBlock *block)
void AddReadCharactersBlock (NxsCharactersBlock *block)
void AddReadDataBlock (NxsDataBlock *block)
void AddReadDistancesBlock (NxsDistancesBlock *block)
void AddReadTaxaBlock (NxsTaxaBlock *block)
void AddReadTreesBlock (NxsTreesBlock *block)
void AddReadUnalignedBlock (NxsUnalignedBlock *block)
void AddReadUnknownBlock (NxsStoreTokensBlockReader *block)

Static Public Member Functions

static BlockReaderList parseFileOrThrow (const char *filepath, NxsReader::WarningHandlingMode mode=NxsReader::WARNINGS_TO_STDERR, bool parsePrivateBlocks=true, bool storeTokenInfo=true)

Public Attributes

NxsConversionOutputRecord conversionOutputRecord

Protected Member Functions

void PostExecuteHook ()
virtual void AddFactory (NxsBlockFactory *)

Detailed Description

A NxsReader that uses clone factories to read public blocks.

The blocks created by reading a file MUST BE DELETED by the caller (either by a call to DeleteBlocksFromFactories() or by requesting each pointer to a block and then deleting the blocks).

Blocks are created by cloning a template block. If you would like to alter the default behavior of a block, you can request a reference to the "template" NxsBlock of the appropriate type, modify it, and then parse the file.

You may give the reader "context" programatically by adding "Read" blocks (which will mimic the behavior of those blocks having appeared in the file itself.

Commands in Non-public blocks are dealt with by creating a NxsStoreTokensBlockReader to store the commands.

After parsing, the client can request the number of TAXA blocks read, and the number of CHARACTERS, TREES, ... blocks that refer to a particular taxa block.


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