void NxsCharactersBlock::HandleDimensions ( NxsToken token,
NxsString  newtaxaLabel,
NxsString  ntaxLabel,
NxsString  ncharLabel 
) [protected]

Called when DIMENSIONS command needs to be parsed from within the CHARACTERS block.

Deals with everything after the token DIMENSIONS up to and including the semicolon that terminates the DIMENSIONs command. `newtaxaLabel', `ntaxLabel' and `ncharLabel' are simply "NEWTAXA", "NTAX" and "NCHAR" for this class, but may be different for derived classes that use `newtaxa', `ntax' and `nChar' for other things (e.g., ntax is number of populations in an ALLELES block)

Definition at line 3956 of file nxscharactersblock.cpp.

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