NxsCharactersBlock::DataTypesEnum NxsCharactersBlock::GetDataType (  )  const [inline]

Returns value of `datatype' from the datatype mapper.

a facet of the DataTypesEnum that indicates the general type of data. Because symbols can be augmented non-default polymorphism codes can be introduced, this is not a complete description of the datatype encoding.

If you want to test if the internal representation datatype of a NxsCharactersBlock has been modified use some form of this idiom:

mapper = charBlock.GetDatatypeMapperForChar(0); const bool hasGaps = charBlock.GetGapSymbol() != ''; NxsDiscreteDatatypeMapper defaultMapper(NxsCharactersBlock::dna, hasGaps); if (mapper->IsSemanticallyEquivalent(&defaultMapper)) { the datatype has not been changed in a substantive way. } else { new state codes have been introduced, so routines that do not interrogate the mapper to check the mapper about the status of all of the states may fail. }

This if you have told NCL to read augmented symbols list (SetAllowAugmentingOfSequenceSymbols) then it is possible that the datatype returned will be standard even if the GetOriginalDataType() returns a molecular sequence datatype. This means that the symbols list was augmented.

Definition at line 1539 of file nxscharactersblock.h.

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