char NxsCharactersBlock::GetState ( unsigned  i,
unsigned  j,
unsigned  k = 0 
) const [inline]

Returns symbol from symbols list representing the state for taxon `i' and character `j'.

The normal situation in which there is only one state with no uncertainty or polymorphism is represented by `k' = 0. If there are multiple states, specify a number in the range [0..n) where n is the number of states returned by the GetNumStates function. Use the IsPolymorphic function to determine whether the multiple states correspond to uncertainty in state assignment or polymorphism in the taxon. Assumes `symbols' is non-NULL.

{In NEXUS it is possible (via the TOKENS mode) to introduce a dataype that does not have unique single char symbols for each state. This function is not guaranteed to succeed in such cases. The NxsDiscreteDatatypeMapper method of accessing characters is more robust (and faster). see NxsCharacterBlockQueries }

Definition at line 1712 of file nxscharactersblock.h.

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